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Your support of HelpMeSee reflects your values by making the miracle of sight possible for every blind child and adult in the world, regardless of where they live or how poverty-stricken they may be. Leaving a gift to HelpMeSee in your will, trust or by beneficiary designation is a way to ensure the gift of sight for future generations and create your lasting legacy for a future with vision for all.

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Half of all the blind people in the world could regain their sight tomorrow thanks to a surgery that takes as little as 5 minutes for an adult and 15 minutes for a child. Unfortunately, 99% of them will never receive this surgery and will never regain their sight because they lack access to the proper care. With your legacy gift to HelpMeSee, the miracle of sight can be possible for generations to come.

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HelpMeSee supporters are a compassionate group. Learn more about others who share your commitment to making the miracle of sight possible, and have left a gift to provide vision for generations to come.

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