Gifts That May Reduce Your Taxes

There are a variety of gifts to HelpMeSee that may help reduce income taxes, estate taxes and capital gains taxes.

Retirement Plan Gift. Because retirement plans are taxed differently than most assets, they may actually become a tax liability. Naming HelpMeSee a beneficiary of your retirement account can be an attractive option for leaving a legacy and reducing income and possibly estate taxes for your loved ones.

Life Insurance Gift. Life insurance is an affordable way to leave a gift to HelpMeSee while also enjoying tax savings during your lifetime.

Benefits include:

  • A significant gift from disposable income at a fraction of the value.
  • Tax saving can be immediately realized.
  • Your donation could reduce final taxes of your estate.
  • Insurance gifts transfer outside the estate.

Gift Annuities. You can realize tax savings and reliable annual income while helping the world’s poverty-stricken receive the gift of sight with a charitable gift annuity. See how charitable gift annuities work and the most common options here.

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Then consult with your tax advisor and lawyer to determine which planned gift strategy is best for you. Thank you for your support.